Products & Services

Pressure Vessels & Process Units  
Pressure Vessels and Columns.
Heat Exchangers, Tanks and Ducting.
Skid Mounted Process & Metering Units.
Steel Section Supporting Structures.
Largest Size handled 5m dia. by 25m long, weight 50T.

Piping Components  
Supply of Pipe, Fittings & Flanges.
Fabrication and Assembly of Pipe Spools.
Supplier of Induction Bends.
Fabricator of High Pressure Piping Systems.
Construction & Maintenance Services.

Project Management & Engineering Services  
Detail Engineering of Piping Systems & Process Units.
Flexibility & Stress Calculations.
Isometric & Bill of Quantities, incl. Quantity Surveying.
Planning, Procurement & Material Expediting.
Construction Management, Planning & Control.

Pipe Support Products  
Constant & Variable Supports.
Dynamic & Static Restrains.
Ancillary Support, U-Bolts, Pipe Clamps, Rods etc.
Survey of Pipe Support Systems.

Expansion Joints & Bellows  
In Association with ROMEC ENGINEERING (Pty) Ltd
Manufacturing Steel Expansion Joints.
Design of all types to EJMA, AD-Merkblatt.
Supplier of Non-Metallic Expansion Joints.
Supplier of Rubber Expansion Joints.
Rolling & Spinning of Bellows Elements, up to 6m dia.
Pressing of Rectangular Bellows Elements (All Sizes)